Harness a more complete, accurate, 360° view of each client.

DataMass™ dynamically collects, consolidates and normalizes data from different custodians of your clients' vital information.


Software that delivers the most reliable data for human services

At the core of the StabiliWare™ solutions suite, DataMass™ delivers reliable, comprehensive data integration to help alleviate the challenges many human services organizations face with their data.

StabiliWare Architecture
StabiliWare™ Architecture


With DataMass™, information from different custodians of your clients’ vital information is dynamically collected, consolidated and normalized

As an added benefit, the harvested data is then published for your organization’s consumption through companion solutions like StabiliPulse™.


Exclusive human services data logicMake well-informed decisions underpinned by fit-for-purpose, reliable data, thanks to the exclusive human services data logic utilized by DataMass™.
Multi-source integrationEmpower staff at all points of contact to make critical decisions based on the same set of facts from a single, accurate, and more complete view of each client.
Real time processingPredict patterns currently overlooked due to the time required to manually create reports from stale source data and then trying to connect the dots to decipher what it all means.
SACWIS/CCWIS compatibilityFor child welfare professionmals, enjoy peace-of-mind by knowing DataMass™ is compatible with your current SACWIS system AND your future CCWIS system.

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